Why should I wear a STEELE MILZ undergarment?

4 out of 5 men who try our products keep them and buy more. Men now have an option and STEELE MILZ is happy to be the first brand that provides an undergarment that actually works. After you try one, you will understand.

How does Genitalia Port Technology, (G-port Technology) work?

G-Port technology, repositions the male member in front of the thighs (as opposed to in between them), completely encapsulates the Genitalia, (Assets) in a nylon open mesh pouch for superior comfort. Once the “Assets” pass through the G-port it is completely separated from the inner thigh, which allows for targeted air ventilation while “Assets” remain nestled in a cool dry pouch.

What are the benefits of G-port Technology?

G-port technology aids in the reduction of Friction Based Heat, (FBH). Which is caused by the movement and heat generated by the thigh muscles against the “Assets”.  With G-port technology we are able to reduce (FBH) while adding targeted air ventilation into the region, reducing sweat that causes Itchy, Sticking to thigh discomfort and adjustments.

What types of underwear Opening designs exist today in men’s underwear?

No Opening – This design does not have a fly opening. Men have to use the “up and over” method, when wearing this underwear (that’s a problem).
Vertical Opening – This design has several layers of fabric and is extremely non- functional. It is like trying to get out of maze to get outside (that’s a problem)
“Fresh Air Vent & Quick Access” Horizontal Opening – Our Patented design allows for quick access when nature calls and continual access to fresh air to keep “Assets” cool and dry nestled away in our ultra soft mesh pouch.

How is STEELE MILZ’s underwear Opening different?

STEELE MILZ underwear has our “Fresh Air Vent & Quick Access” opening. It is a horizontal opening, which provides a solution to the vertical underwear you see in stores today. It is a “grab ‘n go” option for guys who want unmatched functionality and targeted fresh air ventilation.

Is a undergarment opening really that important to men?

Yes! STEELE MILZ has found that men who have a shirt tucked in, wear a belt, and have a zipper opening on their pants; prefer to unzip and go instead of untucking everything. The “Quick Access” horizontal opening allows you to stay totally tucked in with no adjustments needed!

How do I care for the garments?

Please follow care instructions on the inside label of our products carefully to maintain the highest quality and longevity of your STEELE MILZ products.


How does new customer discount work for the referral program?

If a friend referred you to STEELE MILZ, then you are eligible for 15% off your first order. Please note that this offer cannot be combined with any other offer.

Can I change or cancel my order?

As we attempt to ship orders as quickly as possible, it may not be possible for us to handle your change or cancel request in time. Instead of e-mailing us, please call us at 571-318-6459 on Monday through Friday from 10am ET to 6pm ET to have the best chance at editing your order before it ships.


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